Tinea Versicolor: Medicines and Home Remedies

Tinea versicolor is a fungal infection of the skin caused by a type of yeast that naturally lives on the skin. It is common in adolescents and young adults especially with oily skin.

Antifungal soap and shampoo – Maybe effective for killing the infection. Can be bathed on the body for five minutes then rinse it off. Do this three to four times a week for around six weeks. You can also use antifungal bar or soap in the body.

Antifungal creams and lotion– For some persistent patches in the body of tinea versicular you can use antifungal creams recommended by the doctor.

You can also use natural treatment like ;

Aloe vera – It is know for its health benefits. It is rich in vitamin B12, which is good for the treatment of tinea versicolor. It has also has anti – inflammatory and alkaline properties, they prevent the yeast from the skin from multiplying. It is also known for soothing irritated skin.

Yogurt – It is rich in probiotics that help prevent fungal growth on the skin. The yogurt paste can be placed directly on the affected area. It helps neutralize the yeast.

Neem – It has bitter leaves that are good for treating skin infections. It has antimicrobial properties which is effective remedy for tinea versicolor.

Turmeric – Apply turmeric paste on the affected area , this will help in removing the irritation and itching of the skin.

Baking soda – Fungi cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Mix three tablespoons of baking soda with water and stir. Apply the paste to the affected area of the skin and leave it for twenty to thirty minutes. Wash off the mixture afterwards.

Apple cider vinegar – It is a powerful and effective medicine to clean the skin. Put a bowl of apple cider vinegar in bath water . Can also be applied to the affected area using a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar. Use things that can moisturize the skin afterwards because it dries out the skin.

Disclaimer: It is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult health professional for questions and advices regarding health issues.


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