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Moringa The Miracle Tree

Moringa is rich in vitamins and nutrients, which is why it is so healthy. Others use it medicinally and as cooking ingredient. What are the diseases that moringa can cure and the benefits that our body can get from it?

Depression – is a common and serious illness that affects how you feel, think and act. According to studies, moringa helps our body release serotonin and fight depression. It is good to drink moringa juice for those who is experiencing sadness to restore normal feeling.

Ulcer – are sores on the lining of the stomach or small intestines. Moringa is good for those with ulcers because of its inflammatory properties that accelerate the healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Sore throat -an irritation of the throat that painful to swallow. Moringa is effective for sore throat and itchy throat, just gargle with warm water from its boiled root.

High blood pressure – blood pressure that is higher than normal. Moringa is very rich in potassium, three times more potassium compared to bananas, it is a good antidote to high blood pressure.

Anemia – lack of red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. Moringa helps the body to absorb more iron, thus increasing the number of red blood cells. Moringa is known to be an effective food for those who have low iron and red blood cells.

Wound – Moringa has blood clotting properties in its leaves, roots, and seeds that benefit wound healing and can reduce clotting time. Crushed leaves mixed with coconut oil are good for speeding up for wound healing.

Rheumatism – a condition that affect joints. According to study, moringa has antinociceptive and anti – inflammatory effects like the content of the other drugs. It is good to get rid of, or to prevent the inflammation of the joints and get rid of pain.

Asthma – a disease that affects the lungs. Moringa contains alkaloid that helps to relax the bronchioles in the lungs . Drink it as tea.

Allergies – Moringa is loaded with antihistamine which is good for allergies.

Malnutrition – In the study done before, a great improvement in the weight of malnourish children was found by mixing moringa powder in the food.

Menopause symptoms – Adding fresh moringa leaves helps reduce and relieve menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and difficulty sleeping.

Cancer – specific moringa leaf extracts such as glucosinolates and quercetin help inhibit growth of tumors. According to study, treatment with moringa leaf extracts increased the effect of chemo therapy in human pancreatic cells.


Health Benefits of Sodium

Sodium is a type of so called electrolyte which helps to restore lost body fluid. Sodium is a very essential electrolyte that the body needs. It varies depending on the activities, so it disappears, that’s why we need to replace it. When there is a lack of sodium, cramps are often experienced.

The used of iodized salt or the finer type of salt is helpful to prevent the growth of thyroid gland. According to experts, it is enough to consume 2000mg of sodium per day, which is equivalent to half a teaspoon of salt. Sodium is not only found in salt, but in most all types of food. If you are not careful in what you eat, it is very easy to exceed the limit of sodium per day.

Sodium flows in the body stream, and when there is too much sodium in the body, the heart also needs to pump more blood to maintain the balance. Because of this, a person develops high blood pressure. When there is too much sodium in the body it can accumulate and eventually become kidney stones.

Those with kidney stones, high blood pressure, and those with diabetes should only consume 1000 mg of sodium per day. To avoid too much sodium, be careful with the products you buy. Read nutrition facts on the product label. It is advisable to buy products that are sodium free.


Benefits of Humble [ Mimosa Pudica ]

We often see it side by side and for others it is amusing because when you touch it, it folds. The humble plant can consider as a wild weed because it grows easily in any place regardless of the condition. The roots, leaves and seeds have benefits.

Wound – the humble plant has been long used as an effective treatment for wounds. Because of its anti- inflammatory properties that help the wound to heal quickly and its pain to disappear The humble plant can also be used because it prevents the itching that can make the wound worsen.

Loss Bowel Movement – are you experiencing diarrhea? you should take care of it immediately , because you might be dehydrated, its very dangerous. The humble plant contains Tannin and Flavonoids , reducing muscle contractions and secretions in our intestines. It slows down the flow of what we eat which helps against diarrhea.

Ulcer – peptic ulcers are sores and swelling in the intestines and digestive linings. it is painful and uncomfortable for the patient. The leaves of humble plant contain crocetin which helps reduce acidity and boost the release of protective factors in our digestive system. It is very good for those with ulcers.

Depression – humble plant helps your body release serotonin that regulates a persons mood. If your serotonin levels are normal, there is a good chance that you will lose depression, anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks.

Dysmenorrhea – the pain in the abdomen that usually felt when there is menstrual period . Drinking the water of the boiled leaves of humble plant good to get rid of the pain they feel.

Asthma – humble plant can help by clearing the airway path of any allergens, dust, and inflammation in the lungs. Prepare 15ml of juice extracted from the plant. drink it two times a day for best results.

Diabetes – humble leaves is perfect for those with type two diabetes. It normalizes insulin and blood sugar in the body. The roots and leaves are effective in diabetes.

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Health Benefits of Oregano

Oregano has been long used by our ancestors to treat colds. Oregano has many more properties that can be considered a cure from nature. For common cold and non stop coughing with phlegm the medicinal herb oregano can help.

Oregano is not only a phlegm- dissolving agent, it is also has anti- inflammatory action. The irritation of the throat, irritation of the food passage subsides, and at the same time it has also antibiotic actions from the oil of the pressed juice of oregano.

Oregano has phenols that act as antibiotics. It has also flavonoids that can eliminate inflammation, which is good for rheumatism. If the joint hurts due to rheumatism, you can apply crushed oregano leaves and drink the juice at the same time.

The anti-bacterial and anti- fungal properties of oregano are effective against wounds and insect bites. Just grind an oregano leaf and apply it on the affected skin. Do this once a day.

Oregano is not only a cure for diseases, its antioxidants help to strengthen our resistance. Just take one cup of oregano leaves, boil it for five minutes to ten minutes, drink it daily.


Benefits of Avocado Leaves

Many people know the health benefits of avocado fruit, which are known all over the world. Apart from its delicious taste, it contains many nutrients that provide many health benefits to our body. Not only its fruit has benefits for the body, avocado leaves also have many benefits. It contains many substance that are beneficial for our body such as flavanol, quercetin, glycoside, polyphenol, estragole, alpha and beta pinene, limonene, serotonin, flavonoids and others. Here are the health benefits of guava leaves for our body.

Degenerative disease – avocado leaves protect the body against degenerative disease. The flavanol compounds in avocado leaves have mechanism to protect the body from degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, also preventing premature aging.

DIURETIC – avocado leaves contain quercetin which acts as a diuretic agent that helps to urinate better to eliminate waste products of metabolism.

Bacteria – avocado leaves contain polyphenol and pinene, substances that can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Kidney stones – alkaloids, flavonoids and saponins are substances that ca dissolve kidney stones and improve kidney function. This substances can be obtained from avocado leaves.

Blood pressure – The limonene contained in avocado leaves is a natural remedy to stabilize blood pressure and prevent the condition of hypertension.

Asthma – avocado leaves contain pinene that acts to reduce asthma attacks through several mechanisms. Its ingredient has a bronchodilator effect that reduces inflammation and increases airflow in the lungs to effectively treat asthma attacks.

Headache – the quercetin and pinene compounds of avocado leaves can help cure headaches. They inhibit the pain transmitter into the brain to reduce headaches or any other pain symptoms.

Cancer – the pinene and limonene content that comes from avocado leaves help to prevent cancer. These substances can prevent the growth of cancer cells and act as a chemo protective agents.

Healthy skin -avocado leaves contain antioxidants that help clear skin, pimples, acne and pores. This is one of the great health benefits for healthy skin. Just crush young avocado leaves , apply them on your face for five to ten minutes, then wash it off.

Back pain – the pinene content in avocado leaves reduces pain in the whole body, especially in the back.

Reduce Swelling – the effect of quercetin in avocado leaves can reduce inflammation trough its inflammatory substance. By applying mashed avocado leaves on the sore body part for four to five hours and then wash it off.

Oral Thrush – Oral thrush can be caused by bacteria or damage to the oral cavity area. It can be eliminated by the polyphenol content in avocado leaves. Chew an avocado leaves for five to ten minutes to get these benefits.

Diabetes – avocado leaves for the treatment of diabetes comes from its glycoside content. Glycoside can replace the sugar that the body needs and give you a full feeling, so it prevents you from consuming excess calories.

Arthritis – the quercetin compound in avocado leaves can act as an anti- inflammatory agent to help treat arthritis pain.

Detoxifying Agent – the flavanol compound in avocado leaves can cleanse the blood of any toxic substance and remove it through urine. This is one of the amazing health benefits of avocado.

Digestive Problem – the limonene contain in avocado leaves also has a mechanism to maintain digestive balance and improve bowel function. It can help to treat diarrhea and any other digestive problems.

Lactation – avocado leaves can be beneficial for nursing mothers. The estragole substance in avocado leaves can increase the production of breast milk in women.

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Fantastic Cucumber

Each slice is packed with nutrients, can be eaten in a variety of ways , and can solve many other problems. Cucumber is known to remove puffiness from our eyes, but did you know that cucumber has more secrets for us to have a stress free and happy life.

Cucumber is rich in fiber, vitamin b, phytochemicals ,carbohydrates and electrolytes. Due to the phytochemicals contained in cucumber, the collagen content of our skin will tighten up and reduce skin wrinkles. It is also rich in various vitamins, it is also an energy supplement. Cucumber can be used especially, if it is made into juice by people who are sleepy at work. Cucumber provides very high vitamin b complex and it contains complex carbohydrates , compared to the sugar we get from coffee alone.

Did you know that cucumber can solved problems like bad breath? Because of foods with strong smells, bad breath becomes a problem to others. The phytochemicals of cucumber have natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties that can kill the germs that cause bad breath in humans.

Cucumber is not only rich in fiber that releases toxins from the body. It also relieves headaches due to stress, instead of taking pain reliever, just eat cucumber. Many people become addicted to pain relievers, if they have migraines, same goes for tension headaches and hang overs. The electrolytes contained in cucumber, especially its juice, help a lot.


Tomato makes your skin young and smooth.

Everything will be done to achieve a beautiful and smooth skin. Don’t be discouraged because the key to a smooth complexion is none other than tomato. Tomato is a well known ingredient and delicious. It is also rich in vitamins and nutrients that fight cancer and diabetes. But more than the health benefits, it is also good for having a porcelain complexion. If you have a problem with your skin, tomato can solve that.

Tomato and sugar scrub – can be effective for dark spots and pimple marks. The antioxidant lycopene present in tomatoes exfoliates the skin while sugar removes dead skin cells. Just slice the tomato in the middle , dip it in sugar, then scrub the skin in a circular motion. Scrub it on to the skin for ten minutes before rinsing. Do this once a day until the scars gradually fade.

Tomato and lemon face mask – Tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, B and E, while lemon has citric acid. The combined extract of tomato and lemon is effective for skin lightening. Just cut the tomato into small pieces then crush it finely, when its juiced, squeeze lemon then stir. Apply the mixture on the face for fifteen minutes and then rinse. Do this twice a week to improve skin tone.

Tomato and cucumber solution – the combined cooling properties of tomato and cucumber help to prevent skin wrinkles. The high vitamin c content of tomato removes oil from the skin that turns into pimples. Just cut the tomato and cucumber into small pieces, grind it well and then squeeze it, strain the juice. With a cotton ball apply it on the face in a circular motion, no need to rinse so that the skin can absorb the nutrients. To maintain young looking skin use tomato and cucumber solution twice daily.


Miracle Fruit

What fruit is this? Why is this fruit called miracle fruit. This fruit is Soursop, it is high in vitamin c, an antioxidant known to boost immune health. The vitamin strengthens your immune system improving its ability to defend against pathogens. It also promotes the destruction of free radicals which helps to protect the skin and cells from oxidative damage in the environment.

One whole soursop fruit contains two hundred and fifteen percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin c. The fruit and leaves contain many other antioxidants, including phytosterols, tannins and flavonoids Antioxidants play a role in your overall health and may help to protect against various health conditions. Here are more health benefits that you can get from soursop.

A healthy digestion– one whole soursop fruit contains approximately eighty three percent of your recommended daily allowance of fiber, which is an important nutrient for your digestive health. Fiber helps to promote regularity and prevent digestive issues such as constipation.

Potential anti carcinogenic effects– while mostly limited to test tube studies, soursop maybe beneficial in helping to fight and prevent cancer. A study found that a soursop extract can reduce the size of breast cancer tumors and kill cancer cells. Research has found that an extract can stop the development of leukemia cells.

Anti- inflammatory– antioxidants fight free radicals reducing damage to your cells caused by oxidative stress. One of the side effects of oxidative stress is inflammation. The antioxidants in soursop can help to reduce inflammation in the body.

Stabilizes blood pressure– high blood pressure can lead to serious issues, such as heart disease and heart attack. One factor that contributes to the blood pressure is sodium intake. Potassium helps the body metabolize sodium and eases the tension on the walls of the blood vessels, both of which can help lower blood pressure. One whole fruit offers about one- third to one- half of the recommended daily allowance of potassium.

Fight bacteria – soursop can provide an anti bacterial effect. Studies have found that an extract can kill different types of bacteria. Soursop extract can also help fight cholera and staphylococcus bacteria.

Prevent leg cramps – Potassium plays an important role in muscle contraction. Fruits provide just the right amount of potassium that a person should consume.

Relieves anemia – soursop contains iron that can benefit the body in the formation of red blood cells .

Improves bone health – The copper found in soursop helps maintain healthy bones and may also help prevent osteoporosis.

Improves energy – Soursop is rich in vitamin b that helps in breaking down carbohydrates, protein and fats that produce energy for the body.

Soursop is called a miracle fruit because of its ability to prevent all types of cancer. Herbal medicines made from the juice of this fruit have long been said to be a natural cancer cell killer.


Home Remedy for the Eyes

Our eyes are very important to us, so we should take care of them. There are remedies or simple solutions to eye symptoms that can be done even at home, but if the eye disease is complicated you need to see an ophthalmologist.

Waking up in the morning with blurry eyes – when you feel that way, it means that the cornea is possibly drying out. All you have to do when you wake up in the morning is close your eyes. When you close your eyes it will produce tears, when the tears wet the cornea, the cornea will be oxygenated and the eyes will be clear.

Eyes stuck – When the eyes get stuck while sleeping and get blurry, later it will be fine. The eyebrows protect the eyes from sweat.

Feeling there is sand in the eyes and teary – When we get older, we only have few tears, we develop dry eyes. You maybe able to manage your dry eyes with frequent eyelid washing and use of eyedrops if you have. Rest your eyes, reduce the use of computers and cellphones.

Sore eyes – sore eyes are contagious, do not rub your eyes just wash with water. Sore eye can be viral or bacterial. Was your hands often. Go to the doctor before it gets worse.

Squint in the eye in the morning – just wash off in the morning. Clean your eyes if there is a lot of mucus, you can use cotton bud to clean it.

Avoid sunlight – don’t stare at the sun , because too bright can burns the eyes, avoid sunlight.

Eye twitching – the eyes tired, need to rest.

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Health Benefits of Radish

The radish fruit has a strange smell but when eaten, the taste prevails. Whether pickled or pickled radish wins in taste and can be made into a salad or as an appetizer. Radish contains vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in nutrients. It also cures illness.

The nutrients we can get from radish are : it is rich in fiber, carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin c, vitamin b and folic. Radish is high in dietary fiber, it is also good for those who are losing weight, also accompany a little exercise. Even if you eat a lot of radish, the calorie rate in the body does not increase.

Radish is good if you have liver disease, hypertension, and diabetes. By simply eating radish, it can fight toxins that cause our diseases. It is good for the liver because it regulates the production of our bilirubin, it is also prevents the destruction of our red blood by providing oxygen to our blood.

It is also good for those with hypertension, it helps relax blood vessels, the blood vessels widen, thus preventing blood pressure. There are patients with diabetes because the glycemic index is low.

Even if you eat a lot of radish, your sugar will not increase. If you don’t want to eat its fruit raw, you can steep the radish leaves and make it into tea. Just take five stalks of radish and a saucepan with three cups of water, boil for ten minutes and drink twice a day.

For those who experience cough, cold, asthma ,fever and even bronchitis, just grind radish fruit, extract the juice and drink three tablespoons three times a day.