Habits That Damage the Brain

The brain is one of the largest and most complex organs in the human body. What is damaging the brain that you don’t know yet?

Skipping breakfast – Missing breakfast could damage your brain. It may cause low blood sugar, poor performance at school and at work.

Multi-tasking – Brains are not wired to do multi task well. It has negative effect on production. People who multi task will weaken learning and understanding. It is good to focus on one task at a time.

Lack of sleep – Sleeping is a basic human need. Lack of sleep impairs performance. It causes daytime drowsiness and depression. The brain cleanses itself during the sleep cycle.

Sleeping with your head under cover – Don’t sleep with a blanket over your head. It will increase the risk of damaging your brain cells. Oxygen is essential for brain functioning. The less air you inhale, the poorer your brain functions.

Not exercising – Walking is the best exercise, not exercising is a bad habit. Exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, not just the brain. It increases heart rate , which pumps more oxygen in the brain. Helps keep younger, decreases stress level and increases mobility.

Working when sick – When sick you need to rest, there are others who force themselves to work even when sick, it will affect the brain. If you work during illness, it reduce brain efficacy, less alertness , negative moods, sluggish thinking, and poor learning. Relax and get better.

Inadequate water intake – Dehydration had the most impact on functions like complex problem solving, coordination and attention. When dehydrated, immediately causing a negative declined. Water is needed for efficient deliver nutrients to the brain. If hydrated you will think faster and more focus, so drink a lot of water.

Consuming too much sugar – Consuming too much sugar is not healthy and a bad habit. Poor nutrition can lead to poor growth and development. If you consume too much sugar, it will damage the brain, can cause type 2 diabetes, dental cavities, and obesity.

Alcohol and smoking – Alcohol and smoking is not good for the health, especially on the brain. Excessively drinking cannot filter the alcohol fast enough, leads to being drunk. Smoking damage cell membranes, balance, coordination, and motor skills. It can also lead to dementia, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.

Eat healthy foods for the brain, use your brain properly.

Disclaimer ; This is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional regarding health issues.


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