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Oatmeal: Health Benefits

Oats are usually eaten for breakfast, ingredients for making cakes ,cookies, bread smoothie and many others. It is gluten free so there are no side effects or allergic reactions when eating. It is one of the recommended foods by doctors, dietitians and nutritionist. Oats have many benefits when eaten daily.

Rapid weight loss – oats regulate the appetite and avoid excessive calorie intake, because it is almost sugar free and has enough calories. Eating oatmeal every day can help improve metabolism and speed up weight loss.

Rich in antioxidants – The antioxidants in oats are substances that prevent or slow down the destruction of cells in the body caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced by the body in reaction to pressures from the environment and other things.

Digestive problems – Due to the strong soluble fiber of oats, it can help regular bowel movement and prevent constipation. By eating oatmeal everyday the body can get the recommended daily fiber intake which is ideal for good digeston.

Lowers cholesterol – Due to its powerful beta glucan plus its linoleic acid helps to lower the level of triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood. These nutrients help to clean the stuck fats around the arteries and protect health to prevent serious diseases.

Risk of heart disease – Oats are rich in good healthy fats that help support the heart cells and circulatory system. The antioxidant that oatmeal has, is a defense to reduce the damage around the blood vessels caused by free radicals.

Full of energy – Oats are rich in carbohydrates, one of the nutrients that provide enough energy that the body needs.

Have a good sleep – Oats have melatonin, the sleep hormone that helps to sleep well. It also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes quality sleep and supports a calming and relaxing effect.

Beautiful skin – Due to the abundant vitamins and unique properties of oatmeal, it is an effective treatment for inflammatory conditions such as irritation and eczema. The zinc properties of oatmeal, help to make the skin smooth and remove any toxins and harmful compounds that cause skin breakouts. Oats also shrink the pores which helps to prevent the prevent acne or pimples.

Disclaimer: This is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advices regarding health issues.


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