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Health Benefits of Oregano

Oregano has been long used by our ancestors to treat colds. Oregano has many more properties that can be considered a cure from nature. For common cold and non stop coughing with phlegm the medicinal herb oregano can help.

Oregano is not only a phlegm- dissolving agent, it is also has anti- inflammatory action. The irritation of the throat, irritation of the food passage subsides, and at the same time it has also antibiotic actions from the oil of the pressed juice of oregano.

Oregano has phenols that act as antibiotics. It has also flavonoids that can eliminate inflammation, which is good for rheumatism. If the joint hurts due to rheumatism, you can apply crushed oregano leaves and drink the juice at the same time.

The anti-bacterial and anti- fungal properties of oregano are effective against wounds and insect bites. Just grind an oregano leaf and apply it on the affected skin. Do this once a day.

Oregano is not only a cure for diseases, its antioxidants help to strengthen our resistance. Just take one cup of oregano leaves, boil it for five minutes to ten minutes, drink it daily.