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Fantastic Cucumber

Each slice is packed with nutrients, can be eaten in a variety of ways , and can solve many other problems. Cucumber is known to remove puffiness from our eyes, but did you know that cucumber has more secrets for us to have a stress free and happy life.

Cucumber is rich in fiber, vitamin b, phytochemicals ,carbohydrates and electrolytes. Due to the phytochemicals contained in cucumber, the collagen content of our skin will tighten up and reduce skin wrinkles. It is also rich in various vitamins, it is also an energy supplement. Cucumber can be used especially, if it is made into juice by people who are sleepy at work. Cucumber provides very high vitamin b complex and it contains complex carbohydrates , compared to the sugar we get from coffee alone.

Did you know that cucumber can solved problems like bad breath? Because of foods with strong smells, bad breath becomes a problem to others. The phytochemicals of cucumber have natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties that can kill the germs that cause bad breath in humans.

Cucumber is not only rich in fiber that releases toxins from the body. It also relieves headaches due to stress, instead of taking pain reliever, just eat cucumber. Many people become addicted to pain relievers, if they have migraines, same goes for tension headaches and hang overs. The electrolytes contained in cucumber, especially its juice, help a lot.


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