Bad Effects of Stress

Stress is a common feeling or reaction that happens to everyone. What usually causes stress?

  • Disease in the elderly
  • Bills
  • Work
  • Problem
  • Cant sleep

What happens to human body when stressed?

  • Memory loss
  • Hot headed
  • Chest tightness
  • Short of breath
  • Stomach acid increases
  • Unable to defecate or have diarrhea
  • Sweating

Bad Effects of Stress

  • Muscle and joints pain – stress can cause pain, tightness or soreness in your muscles, as well as spasms of pain.
  • Heart and lungs – too much stress produce hormone cortisol that may cause increase heart rate, heart disease, heart rhythm abnormalities, stroke, asthma, rapid breathing, shortness of breath and high blood pressure.
  • Digestive system – stomach pain, gas, diarrhea, and constipation.
  • Skin– some skin condition such as, wrinkled skin, having pimples, eczema, psoriasis, hives and itchiness
  • Hair loss
  • Immune system – stress weakens the body’s defenses and its easy to get sick.
  • Mental health – stress can bring symptoms of depression and reduce enthusiasms for activities .
  • Shoulder, head and jaw – the effects of stress in your body can move through the tension triangle, which includes, shoulders, head and jaw
  • Brain – mind log, no concentration, irritable, mood changes

Disclaimer: This is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advise regarding health issues.


Green Tea : Facts and Benefits

The fresh leaves of green tea are steamed to prevent bloating and to maintain the natural health promoting properties that help our health. It is also rich in healthy bio compounds that can help prevent serious diseases. What are the benefits of green tea in our body?

Good for anxiety – the L- theanine content of green tea is high, this is an amino acid that can help to reduce stress, chronic fatigue, and calm the feeling. It has been found that L- theanine increases the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, with an anti- anxiety effect, so the energy is more stable and more productive.

Cancer protection – with the amount of powerful antioxidants in green tea, it is a great help to protect the body against oxidative damage. Based on studies, people who drink green tea are less likely to develop various types of cancer.

Low risk of heart disease – green tea is rich polyphenols that help to reduce mortality due to cardio vascular disease. Drinking green tea has a good effect against the risk of cardio vascular and ischemic related diseases. Green tea is also helps to reduce inflammation, regulate epithelial function and blood flow. Adding green tea everyday in your diet may help positive changes against the risk of stroke.

Improves brain function – due to the caffeine contained in green tea which is a stimulant, it clears the mind and also stimulates the brain. Caffeine improves various aspects of mental functioning, including mood, reactions, attention, and memory .It also stimulates the central nervous system, so you are always alert. Green tea also helps to protect the brain as we age.

Helps in weight loss – green tea stimulates metabolism even if only for a short time. Because it contains catechin and caffeine, it increases energy and may help in weight loss, especially in the abdominal area. Regular exercise even simple walking and drinking green tea everyday will reduce body fat.

Bad breath – due to the antibacterial properties of green tea that fight germs inside the mouth you will have fresh breath. Green tea helps to prevent the growth of oral bacteria and reduce bad breath.

Help prevent diabetes – the number of people with type 2 diabetes is increasing. This is because of high blood sugar levels caused by insulin resistance or because the body cannot produce enough insulin. Green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and lower sugar levels. Make it a habit to drink green tea .

Effective in skin conditions – green tea has inflammatory properties that are effective in sin conditions such as inflammation. Tea extracts improve skin micro circulation when applied topically to the affected areas. EGCG has also shown a change in the treatment of acne and oily skin. It also reduces the increase of free radicals in the body and protects cells and molecules that cause premature aging and other diseases.

Disclaimer: this is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advice regarding health issues.

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Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water is sweet, delicious and very refreshing. It is more than a natural sweet refreshment. There are many benefits that can be obtained from it that are good for our body. It is rich in nutrition, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Coconut water can be a great addition to your diet. It helps with hydration while being low in calories and fat, its also full of electrolytes. Here are the health benefits of coconut water ;

Useful after exercise – coconut water is similar to sports drink but, it is low in carbohydrates, it is also free from additives. Potassium, sodium, and magnesium are the electrolytes that play an important role in the allure of coconut water. Coconut water is a great post – workout drink because of all its rehydrating properties.

Low calorie – coconut water is a suitable option for higher calorie drinks. It only provides sixty calories in a glass. Most drinks like soda or juice have more sugar and carbs than coconut water. It can provide a refreshment that is lower in calories than a sugary drink.

Antioxidants – coconut water offers a range of antioxidants. They help reduce oxidative stress. It also helps fight free radicals generated during exercise. .However, the processing and heat pasteurization of coconut water lowers the antioxidant content. To get the more antioxidants take fresh coconut water.

May lower blood sugar – coconut water contains magnesium that can help improve insulin sensitivity, it will reduce blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes. Coconut water has carbohydrates that converts carbs into sugars, if you have diabetes consult your health care professional before including coconut water in your diet.

Prevention of kidney stones – coconut water can be a good choice in preventing kidney stones . Coconut water effectively flushes the system , as a result, it helps lower the risk of stones.

Gives radiant skin -dehydration can cause dry and flaky skin, coconut water can help meet hydration needs. It also promotes circulation, it leaves skin glowing. The antioxidants in coconut water can also have anti aging effects.

Prevents constipation – coconut water has magnesium, this mineral helps digestion and keeps the intestines healthy.

Weight loss – hydration is important for the replenishment of every cell in the body and metabolism. Coconut water contains fewer calories than other drinks.

For hangovers – coconut water is high in potassium and non acidic , so it wont upset the stomach and relieve the hangover.

Disclaimer: This is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advice regarding health issues.


Signs of Protein Deficiency

How important is protein to the body? The body needs enough protein if you want it to function properly. When there is lack of protein , bones become weak and prone to fractures. Here are the signs that you are lack in protein.

Always hungry – protein stimulates the body because it is one of the three sources of calories along with carbohydrates. Its good to eat yogurt and nuts first when you feel hungry because, these foods are rich in protein, which helps you get full easily and avoid non stop eating.

Hair, skin and nail problem – they are composed of proteins such as elastin, keratin, and collagen. If the body does not produce these proteins, expect hair loss, dry and peeling skin and deep ridges on the nails. Possibly the diet is unbalanced. Maybe you eat only bread, pizza, pasta and other cholesterol rich foods . Go back to basic like vegetables, meat and beans.

Mood swing – Because the body’s dopamine and serotonin are low so, just a little problem, depression will immediately overreaction. Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitter that transmit information between brain cells. Most of these neurotransmitters are building blocks of protein so, when your body’s protein is lacking or low, your neurotransmitter are not enough. This changes the brain , the mood is also changing.

Worsening infection – even if its viral or bacterial, the infection keeps coming back and when it comes back , its worse. When the body lacks protein , the immune system weakens. When there is a lack of protein, infections such as colds cannot be resisted.

Lost muscle mass – The muscle is the largest storage of protein in the body. When the protein is insufficient or low, the body takes protein from the skeletal muscles, because the body needs to maintain the more important tissues and its proper functioning. The muscle loses strength when protein is deficient. High in protein intake slows the progression of muscle loss with age.

Bones break easily – When there is lack of protein, bones become weak and prone to fractures. Adequate protein has been proven to maintain bone strength and density. protein deficiency is associated with low bone minimal density and high fracture risk.

Slow growth – Deficiency is bad especially for developing children , because they need a supply of protein as they grow. Make sure that the protein consumed by children is sufficient so that , it does not cause growth.

No appetite for sex – When there is not enough protein in the body, sexual problems occur, that’s why body needs protein. Low consumption has been found to increase hormone- binding globulin in older men. Protein deficiency can cause lack of appetite for sex or lack of fertility in women.

May have fatty liver – Lipoproteins contribute to this condition. Fatty liver is usually experienced by people who are overweight and drink a lot of alcohol. When the fatty liver gets worse it can lead to liver failure.

Disclaimer : This is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advice regarding health issues.


Things Not To Do When You Have Blackheads

If there’s something to do when you have blackheads. Do you know that there’s also something you shouldn’t do when you have black heads.

Don’t touch – The bacteria on your fingers can be transferred and make it worse.

Do not squeeze the black heads – may become infected and swollen.

Don’t strain to get out – may leave wounds and scars

Avoid using products with oil and alcohol content – it irritates the skin, avoid hot surroundings.

Do not steam bath or steam bath the face – it is said that the pores of the skin open when steaming . Other people who tried it made their skin problems worse.

Avoid using hydrogen peroxide – This product is strong when used on the face, especially if the skin is sensitive.

Disclaimer : This is for informative and educational purposes only . Always consult a health professional for questions and advice regarding health issues.


Natural Remedies to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads appear when there is a blockage in the opening of the hair follicles of the skin. Each follicle has one hair and a sebaceous gland that produces sebum. The dirt and oil that accumulates in the opening of the skin follicle become small lumps. It turns black and becomes blackheads or oxidized melanin when the skin opens up in the small bumps and exposed to the air. Here are some natural remedies to remove blackheads.

Sugar oil mask – Sugar is not only used in food, it can also be used to smooth the skin. Sugar is a natural exfoliator to prevent blackheads. Mix one cup of white sugar with three teaspoons of natural oil, such as almond oil or jojoba oil. Apply sugar oil mask on the face, leave it on for fifteen minutes. Do it once a week if the skin is dry and twice a week if the skin is oily.

Exfoliate with lemon and honey – Lemon has vitamin c and high Ph levels, which reduces oil on the skin and inflammation. Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic abilities that help when the skin is oily and has acne. In a small cup mix two spoons of lemon and one spoon of brown sugar , mix well and apply on the face in a circular motion. Massage the face for up to five minutes before washing with water. Apply a moisturizer afterwards, because the skin has a tendency to dry out especially if it is sensitive.

Oatmeal scrub – Oatmeal scrub helps to remove dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause blackheads. Oatmeal has exfoliating soothing properties that help reduce skin inflammation. In a cup mix two tablespoons of oatmeal, one teaspoon of olive oil, and three tablespoons of organic yogurt. Wash to clean the face, while the face is still damp, apply the oatmeal scrub , leave it for fifteen minutes before washing off. Do this once a week if the skin is dry and twice a week if the skin is oily.

Apply tea tree oil – Tea tree oil is rich in antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties that are good for topical application on the skin. You can apply tea tree oil directly to the blackheads or add one to two drops of natural oils like olive oil or almond oil. Apply directly to the blackheads.

Coconut oil – The fatty acids of coconut oil help to kill the bacteria that cause acne. According to studies, coconut is an effective moisturizer and helps in healing. Apply coconut oil directly to the skin or affected area.

Milk and Honey pore strips – Mix a spoonful of whole milk with a spoonful of pure and organic honey. Microwave for ten seconds , let it cool. Apply mixture to the affected area. Apply a clean cotton strip, let the mixture dry and stick to the cotton strip. After fifteen minutes, gradually remove the cotton strip. Wash and apply moisturizer.

Green tea and aloe vera mask – Remove the dry green tea leaves from the tea bag. Mix a teaspoon of dry green tea leaves with a teaspoon of warm water , put aloe vera gel to make a face mask. Massage the mixture on the affected area for three minutes, leave it on for ten to twenty minutes. Then wash and apply moisturizer. Do this treatment two to three times a week .

Cleanse every day – Clean skin is a defense so that, dirt sweat, and other impurities don’t clog pores. Correct facial cleansing is a big help to avoid blackheads and infections. Wash your hands to remove bacteria. Remove make up with wipes or make up remover. Apply a mild cleanser on the face and massage in a circular motion for one minute. Focus on the forehead, nose and chin because, these are the areas that are oily. Wash with warm water, wipe the face with a soft towel. Apply cream or gel that suitable for the skin type, do this twice daily.

This remedy is effective for most but not for some because we have different type of skin.

Disclaimer : This is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advice regarding health issues.

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Fantastic Cucumber

Each slice is packed with nutrients, can be eaten in a variety of ways , and can solve many other problems. Cucumber is known to remove puffiness from our eyes, but did you know that cucumber has more secrets for us to have a stress free and happy life.

Cucumber is rich in fiber, vitamin b, phytochemicals ,carbohydrates and electrolytes. Due to the phytochemicals contained in cucumber, the collagen content of our skin will tighten up and reduce skin wrinkles. It is also rich in various vitamins, it is also an energy supplement. Cucumber can be used especially, if it is made into juice by people who are sleepy at work. Cucumber provides very high vitamin b complex and it contains complex carbohydrates , compared to the sugar we get from coffee alone.

Did you know that cucumber can solved problems like bad breath? Because of foods with strong smells, bad breath becomes a problem to others. The phytochemicals of cucumber have natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties that can kill the germs that cause bad breath in humans.

Cucumber is not only rich in fiber that releases toxins from the body. It also relieves headaches due to stress, instead of taking pain reliever, just eat cucumber. Many people become addicted to pain relievers, if they have migraines, same goes for tension headaches and hang overs. The electrolytes contained in cucumber, especially its juice, help a lot.


Tomato makes your skin young and smooth.

Everything will be done to achieve a beautiful and smooth skin. Don’t be discouraged because the key to a smooth complexion is none other than tomato. Tomato is a well known ingredient and delicious. It is also rich in vitamins and nutrients that fight cancer and diabetes. But more than the health benefits, it is also good for having a porcelain complexion. If you have a problem with your skin, tomato can solve that.

Tomato and sugar scrub – can be effective for dark spots and pimple marks. The antioxidant lycopene present in tomatoes exfoliates the skin while sugar removes dead skin cells. Just slice the tomato in the middle , dip it in sugar, then scrub the skin in a circular motion. Scrub it on to the skin for ten minutes before rinsing. Do this once a day until the scars gradually fade.

Tomato and lemon face mask – Tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, B and E, while lemon has citric acid. The combined extract of tomato and lemon is effective for skin lightening. Just cut the tomato into small pieces then crush it finely, when its juiced, squeeze lemon then stir. Apply the mixture on the face for fifteen minutes and then rinse. Do this twice a week to improve skin tone.

Tomato and cucumber solution – the combined cooling properties of tomato and cucumber help to prevent skin wrinkles. The high vitamin c content of tomato removes oil from the skin that turns into pimples. Just cut the tomato and cucumber into small pieces, grind it well and then squeeze it, strain the juice. With a cotton ball apply it on the face in a circular motion, no need to rinse so that the skin can absorb the nutrients. To maintain young looking skin use tomato and cucumber solution twice daily.


Magic of Lemon for your Skin

Lemon can be seen in the kitchen most often, but did u know that you can use it on your skin? Lemon contains citric acid and phytic acid which clean and brighten the skin, removes dead skin cells and promotes a growth of new skin. Lemon peels also can use for prevention and treatment of cancer. It also a great skin enhancer giving you glow and soft skin, because the acid helps in cleansing and lightning. And when the skin has dead skin cells lemon can help in exfoliation. The acid can help exfoliation. There’s chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation. Chemical is with acids and products that exfoliate by used of the ingredients within them. Physical is just what its sound .

Benefits of lemon for the skin:

  • It exfoliates dead skin cells- lemon juice contains alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid. Acids commonly used in skin care as it increases cells turn over and blow away those dead skin cells.
  • It promotes even skin tone – due to potential exfoliating properties of lemon juice people use it to reduce hyperpigmentation.
  • It decreases oil production – lemon juice is good for oily skin, because of its astringent, it tightens pores, and controls excess food.
  • Increases collagen production- the body needs vitamin c to produce collagen, it is the main component of the skin.
  • Antioxidants – lemon can help fight oxidative stress, oxidative stress can lead inflammation, sagging and faster skin aging. Lemon juice may help save these effects because it contains antioxidants in the form of vitamin c.
  • Despite of all good benefits of lemon on the skin you should avoid overusing it in your face . Cautions of using lemon on the skin:
  • Increase photosensitivity -lemon juice makes your skin more photosensitive in the sunlight that can cause sunburn like red rash that is irritating and sometimes painful.
  • Weakened skin barrier – that’s why we should not over exfoliate the chemical or physical.
  • Burns – we all don’t want burns that’s why we use hats, suns screens to avoid the sun . Some suns is good but this photosensitivity that brought directly by the lemon juice can result to severe sunburn.
  • General irritation – its the side effect of all acids.
  • Hyperpigmentation – although lemon juices often used to reduce hyperpigmentation earlier it can also worsen through burns and skin damage.


How to Whiten Dark Underarm?

For many people, having a dark armpit can cause embarrassment such as skin diseases and discoloration in other parts of the body. Dark armpit can result in a lack of confidence and self-esteem. How to whiten dark armpits? What causes dark armpits? There are various potential causes of dark armpits including;

  • Deodorants and anti-perspirant- chemical irritants.
  • Shaving- irritation and abrasion
  • Dead skin cell accumulation- lack of exfoliation
  • Friction – tight clothes
  • Smokers’ melanosis- hyperpigmentation caused by smoking
  • Hyperpigmentation – increase melanin
  • Acanthosis Nigricans – often a sign of diabetes, obesity, or abnormal hormone levels
  • Erythrasma -bacterial infection
  • Melasma – dark patches on skin
  • Addison’s disease – damaged adrenal gland Here are the natural beauty treatments to lighten your underarm
  • Lemon and Baking soda- baking soda is an exfoliator that unclog the pores and tightens dark underarms. On the other hand, lemon is a powerful antiseptic and natural bleaching agent. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda and the squeezed lemon juice to make a paste. Rub this paste evenly on your armpits and dry them for five minutes. Wash them with warm water and apply moisturizer. Repeat this method three- or four-times a week for effective results
  • Apple cider vinegar and baking soda: Mix two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoon of baking soda, it will start bubbling. Once the bubbles are gone apply this mixture on your armpit and let it dry. Let it stay for few minutes and then rinse with cold water and pat dry. Do these three or four times a week.
  • Milk, Turmeric and Honey: Mix one spoon of milk and one teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of honey. Mix it well and put this paste on your armpit, dry them and rinse. Do it every day.
  • Brown sugar and Olive oil: Mix well three teaspoon of brown sugar, and two teaspoon of virgin olive oil. Use this mixture to rub your armpit for two minutes and then leave it for five minutes. After five minutes clean your armpit with warm water. Dry them with a soft towel. Do this twice a week.
  • Potato – are also great for pigmentation and discoloration in the armpits. Peel the potatoes, grate and squeeze to make juice. Apply the juice directly on your armpits and rinse it off after fifteen minutes with cold water. You can do this twice a day. Once in the morning and once before going to bed at night.
  • Tea tree oil and Water: Put a cup of water in a small spray bottle. Add five drops of tea tree oil to it and shake to mix well. Spray it on your armpits and let it dry. Do it every day.
  • Cucumber – Along with other bleaching properties, cucumbers are also full of Vitamins and minerals. Just rub a few slices of cucumber for a minute or two. Let the juice stay on your skin for ten minutes, then rinse with water. It is an excellent choice to reduce skin darkening if you repeat this method every day.
  • Coconut oil: Massage a few drops of coconut oil on your armpits and let it stay for fifteen minutes. Then wash your underarms with warm water and mild soap. Repeat these two to three times a day.

Disclaimer: This is for informational and educational purposes only. Always consult health Professionals for advice and questions regarding health conditions.