Tomato makes your skin young and smooth.

Everything will be done to achieve a beautiful and smooth skin. Don’t be discouraged because the key to a smooth complexion is none other than tomato. Tomato is a well known ingredient and delicious. It is also rich in vitamins and nutrients that fight cancer and diabetes. But more than the health benefits, it is also good for having a porcelain complexion. If you have a problem with your skin, tomato can solve that.

Tomato and sugar scrub – can be effective for dark spots and pimple marks. The antioxidant lycopene present in tomatoes exfoliates the skin while sugar removes dead skin cells. Just slice the tomato in the middle , dip it in sugar, then scrub the skin in a circular motion. Scrub it on to the skin for ten minutes before rinsing. Do this once a day until the scars gradually fade.

Tomato and lemon face mask – Tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, B and E, while lemon has citric acid. The combined extract of tomato and lemon is effective for skin lightening. Just cut the tomato into small pieces then crush it finely, when its juiced, squeeze lemon then stir. Apply the mixture on the face for fifteen minutes and then rinse. Do this twice a week to improve skin tone.

Tomato and cucumber solution – the combined cooling properties of tomato and cucumber help to prevent skin wrinkles. The high vitamin c content of tomato removes oil from the skin that turns into pimples. Just cut the tomato and cucumber into small pieces, grind it well and then squeeze it, strain the juice. With a cotton ball apply it on the face in a circular motion, no need to rinse so that the skin can absorb the nutrients. To maintain young looking skin use tomato and cucumber solution twice daily.


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