Sore Throat: Home Remedy

There are many reasons for having a sore throat . It usually comes from an infection from a virus or bacteria. When the cause is virus, no need to take antibiotics. But if the tonsils are swollen and there is pus visible in the throat, it means that it has bacteria and it is necessary to take antibiotics.

The symptoms of inflammation of the tonsils are fever, cold ,and body weakness. When tonsilitis is not treated, it can cause rheumatic heart disease, where the heart valve is damaged and can reach surgery.

To speed up the recovery of sore throat, here are some home remedy that can be done:

Drink a lot of water and tea – Drink eight glasses of water during the day to dilute phlegm

Chicken soup – it helps to remove the blockage caused by cold and phlegm. It prevents the inflammation of the tonsils and the production of phlegm. Chicken soup has an amino acid ingredient, cysteine, which comes out when the chicken is cooked. Cysteine thins the phlegm in the lungs and speeds up healing. chicken is also high in protein.

Lozenges – if the throat hurts, lozenges can be dissolved in the mouth, a like candy that soothes the throat.

Gargle with salt water – salt water will reduce swelling of the tonsils. Put a teaspoon of salt in glass of warm water and stir, gargle for a few seconds. Gargle four times a day.

Not all sore throat is due to infection. Hyperacidity or stomach acid can also cause sore throat. It is important to check with a doctor.

Disclaimer; This is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advices.


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