Slimming Foods

Did you know that there are some foods that can help you lose weight? Here are the foods that you should eat:

Grapefruit – eating grapefruit three times a day can help you lose four pounds in three months .According to researchers, the acid in grapefruit helps speed up digestion, making you feel fuller.

Salad – According to analysis, people who eat salad have a higher level of antioxidants in their diet. The vegetables is high in fiber, so its easy to fill up with just a few calories

Pears – people who eat three pears per day weigh less than those who don’t them. Pears are richer in fiber compared to apples.

Fatty fish – such as sardines, tilapia, mackerel and salmon. This fish are rich in omega -3 fatty acids, which help the heart and keep you full. It has also been proven that people who eat fatty fish have more leptin. Leptin is a hormone that tells the brain that we are full.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal has beta- glucan, a type of fiber that removes cholesterol from the body and is excreted in the stool. Oatmeal’s fiber content makes you full easily. A cup of oatmeal everyday can lower cholesterol by ten percent.

Low fat milk – milk is high in protein, vitamin Bs and calcium. Choose low fat or fat free milk that is low in calories.

Yogurt – yogurt is low in fat, calories and sugar. It contains healthy bacteria such as lactobacilli, which can help prevent ulcers and stomach cancer.

Apple – apples have pectin, a type of fiber that lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. Because of its pectin , it makes you feel full quickly.

Disclaimer: This is for informative and educational purposes only, Always consult a health professional for any questions and advices regarding health condition.


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