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Best Remedies for Dry and Wrinkled Hands

There is a saying that you can tell a person’s age by his hand. When the skin is dry, peeling, scratchy and wrinkled, it is said to be old. But why are there still young but their hands are dry and wrinkled?

There are many factors why the hands dries and wrinkles early. There is sun damage, cold and hot weather, strong soaps, soaking in water, dehydrated, smoking, exposure to chemicals and sun, poor diet, medical conditions and genetics. If you are worried about the appearance of your hand, there is a safe and natural way to restore the smoothness of dry and wrinkled hands. And there is no need to spend a lot to achieve soft, smooth and younger looking skin.

  • Drink Water – drinking a lot of water is one way to improve the skins hydration levels. Water is a big help to offset lost water and increase skin hydration.
  • Use Water –   hands are always exposed to chemicals, sunlight and other environmental hazards. Use gloves when painting, washing dishes, doing laundry and gardening.
  • Limit hand washing– hand washing is a way to avoid getting sick and spreading disease, but doing it too often dries out the hands and causes wrinkles, due to the chlorine and fluoride contents of the water. To avoid this, apply hand cream after washing your hands. When the skin is moist you have more protection against dryness even from germs. To avoid potential damage, use warm water. Use a soap with a moisturizer, avoid rubbing the hand and just touch the towel to dry the hand.
  • Avoid frequent use of soap– avoid using soap, especially those with harsh chemical content. There are many soaps that are mild and do not dry the hands. There are also soaps that are more helpful to hydrate and prevent flaky skin, read the label. Dermatologists recommend fragrance free soap.
  • Use a Moisturizer– apply moisturizer after any hand work. Also apply moisturizer to the hand before going to bed and leave it to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Use Aloe Vera – before going to bed, apply aloe vera gel or extract to dry and wrinkled hands, put on gloves and let it soak into the skin.
  • Apply sunscreen – it is to protect the skin against the harmful effects of sun. It also helps to prevent sunburn and premature aging, such as wrinkles and thicken skin.
  • Banana Mask– the banana mask is perfect to hydrate, moisturize and soften the skin. Crush half a piece of banana, add a spoonful of honey and stir, apply on hand and leave for fifteen minutes, rinse with warm water.
  • Olive Oil –  due to the anti-oxidants and antibacterial properties of olive oil, it helps to prevent oxidation. When olive oil is applied to the skin, it can prevent rapid  aging of the skin. It is also a natural moisturizer and exfoliator to prevent  scaly skin. It is also rich in fat soluble vitamins that help rejuvenate the skin. Olive oil can be mixed with salt and applied to the affected area. If honey and lemon is mixed with olive oil, it is effective for darkening skin, but if there is skin reaction stop using it.

Disclaimer: This is for informational and educational purposes only. Always consult health Professionals for advice and questions regarding health conditions.        


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