Signs of Kidney Disease

This signs can be seen even without seeing a doctor first. What are the signs of kidney disease?

Changes in urinary function – if there is a change in the amount of frequency of urination at night, Usually the common urination is only one to two times until morning. When you urinate three to four times and always get up in bed , its not normal anymore. If the kidney releases urine more often, there is a problem. Maybe someone develops diabetes or in men maybe there is a prostate problem that has affected the kidneys or even infection.

Nausea and vomiting – when there is a kidney problem, the kidney is no longer able to absorb what is eaten or even the medication . Toxicity occurs or is overloaded. When creatinine is high, there will be a tendency to have stomach acid and will have vomiting and nausea.

Shortness of breath – difficulty or shortness of breath because, there is an overload of fluid. When the kidney does not release fluid, the water or the waste products will look for a place, so it will go to the lungs and the patient will have difficulty breathing.

Blood in the urine – it is very important that the urine is free of blood. When there is blood urine, there are many problems. Maybe in the kidney itself there is a stone rubbing or a blockage or a tumor has grown or something else that scratches the passage of urine and having bleeding. If you see blood in the urine, see a doctor immediately.

Foamy urine – when the urine foams, it is a sign of protein leakage. The protein, like sugar should not come out. It should be filtered by kidney and returned to our body, this is important. When you overloaded with protein or the filter of the kidney is damaged, the protein leaks out.

Swelling or oedema – it starts from the foot, then the legs, the thigh and sometimes the stomach grows and the lungs become watery. It means that the kidneys cannot release the overloaded fluid .

Dizziness and inability to concentrate – dizzy and lack of concentration, because there is no no good blood flow especially in the brain. When the blood supply is low, only little is supplied to the parts of the body especially, the brain ,heart and our extremities.

Feeling cold all the time -even if you are in the hot place, you still feel cold. It is a sign of kidney problem.

Skin rashes and itching – when the skin rashes are due to the kidney, it is not a simple dermatological problem like skin rash and dermatitis. It can also be the toxins, the poison or dirt that turns the skin red and itches.

Extreme fatigue – when the red blood level is low, it is easy to be exhausted, pale, and sleepy, just a little work easy to get tired.

Disclaimer : This is only for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advices regarding heath issues.


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