Vitamins for Healthy Bones

How important is it for us to take vitamins especially for bones. What is the importance of taking vitamins in our body .

Vitamins that are good for bones are calcium and vitamin D . These two vitamins are the most important for healthy bones. Calcium can be found mostly in dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, fish with edible bones and and calcium fortified products. While vitamin D can be obtained through sun exposure, oily fish and eggs.

Human needs calcium to build and maintain strong bones. It is the most abundant mineral in the body, and it is vital for bone health.

Vitamin D is important to absorb calcium. The more vitamin D you have , the better you can absorb calcium. The most vitamin D is obtained from mid day sun exposure. If you don’t want sun exposure , you can buy vitamin D pills.

It depends on the age what level of calcium should be taken. In between teens till forties, the usual calcium intake is one thousands to one thousand two hundred mg per day. For postmenopausal women and pregnant women, the recommended intake per day is 1500 mg. This is the general recommendation.

For vitamin D, the recommended dosage is eight hundred international units. As long as you know your target is, you can calculate how many pills you will take.

For those who are about to start taking calcium, its better late than never. If you notice that you need to store calcium in the body , its better to start already. Women need more calcium than men, because women’s hormones are different than mens, but men also need calcium.

Women develop bone problems earlier than men. The elderly are more prone to bone problems. This happens commonly because, the bones lack of calcium. Store calcium while young, it will help until old age.

Calcium is part of the bones, makes the structure of the bones harder when calcium is higher. When there is less calcium, the structure of the bone becomes like sponge and the foundation of the bone becomes thinner and breaks easily when getting older.

Vitamin D is important for the body’s calcium absorption. Through this vitamins, the structure of the bones can be greatly helped, and in old age it can reduce the risk of fractures.

Disclaimer : This for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advice regarding health issue.


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