Signs of Protein Deficiency

How important is protein to the body? The body needs enough protein if you want it to function properly. When there is lack of protein , bones become weak and prone to fractures. Here are the signs that you are lack in protein.

Always hungry – protein stimulates the body because it is one of the three sources of calories along with carbohydrates. Its good to eat yogurt and nuts first when you feel hungry because, these foods are rich in protein, which helps you get full easily and avoid non stop eating.

Hair, skin and nail problem – they are composed of proteins such as elastin, keratin, and collagen. If the body does not produce these proteins, expect hair loss, dry and peeling skin and deep ridges on the nails. Possibly the diet is unbalanced. Maybe you eat only bread, pizza, pasta and other cholesterol rich foods . Go back to basic like vegetables, meat and beans.

Mood swing – Because the body’s dopamine and serotonin are low so, just a little problem, depression will immediately overreaction. Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitter that transmit information between brain cells. Most of these neurotransmitters are building blocks of protein so, when your body’s protein is lacking or low, your neurotransmitter are not enough. This changes the brain , the mood is also changing.

Worsening infection – even if its viral or bacterial, the infection keeps coming back and when it comes back , its worse. When the body lacks protein , the immune system weakens. When there is a lack of protein, infections such as colds cannot be resisted.

Lost muscle mass – The muscle is the largest storage of protein in the body. When the protein is insufficient or low, the body takes protein from the skeletal muscles, because the body needs to maintain the more important tissues and its proper functioning. The muscle loses strength when protein is deficient. High in protein intake slows the progression of muscle loss with age.

Bones break easily – When there is lack of protein, bones become weak and prone to fractures. Adequate protein has been proven to maintain bone strength and density. protein deficiency is associated with low bone minimal density and high fracture risk.

Slow growth – Deficiency is bad especially for developing children , because they need a supply of protein as they grow. Make sure that the protein consumed by children is sufficient so that , it does not cause growth.

No appetite for sex – When there is not enough protein in the body, sexual problems occur, that’s why body needs protein. Low consumption has been found to increase hormone- binding globulin in older men. Protein deficiency can cause lack of appetite for sex or lack of fertility in women.

May have fatty liver – Lipoproteins contribute to this condition. Fatty liver is usually experienced by people who are overweight and drink a lot of alcohol. When the fatty liver gets worse it can lead to liver failure.

Disclaimer : This is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult a health professional for questions and advice regarding health issues.


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