Yerba Buena; Benefits, Cure

Yerba Buena belongs to the mint family of herbs. It has an aroma that soothes our body and relaxes our mind. Yerba Buena is one of the ten medicinal plants approved by Department of Health. It is good for :

Fever and cough – Just put hot water in a bowl, add five to seven pieces of Yerba Buena leaves. Let the sick person smells the smoke as a steam inhalation.

Itching and skin irritation – just apply crushed Yerba Buena leaves.

Dizziness – Just smell the crushed leaves of Yerba Buena, later the feeling will be relieved.

Arthritis – Yerba Buena is the right medicinal plant for those who suffer from arthritis, it has also anti cancer properties. Put five to seven leaves in a cup of hot water , just let it sit for a few minutes or until turn color and drink . Drink a cup a day to relieve body pain.

Disclaimer ; This is for informative and educational purposes only. Always consult health professionals for questions and advice regarding health issues.


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