Health Benefits of Sodium

Sodium is a type of so called electrolyte which helps to restore lost body fluid. Sodium is a very essential electrolyte that the body needs. It varies depending on the activities, so it disappears, that’s why we need to replace it. When there is a lack of sodium, cramps are often experienced.

The used of iodized salt or the finer type of salt is helpful to prevent the growth of thyroid gland. According to experts, it is enough to consume 2000mg of sodium per day, which is equivalent to half a teaspoon of salt. Sodium is not only found in salt, but in most all types of food. If you are not careful in what you eat, it is very easy to exceed the limit of sodium per day.

Sodium flows in the body stream, and when there is too much sodium in the body, the heart also needs to pump more blood to maintain the balance. Because of this, a person develops high blood pressure. When there is too much sodium in the body it can accumulate and eventually become kidney stones.

Those with kidney stones, high blood pressure, and those with diabetes should only consume 1000 mg of sodium per day. To avoid too much sodium, be careful with the products you buy. Read nutrition facts on the product label. It is advisable to buy products that are sodium free.


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