Benefits of Humble [ Mimosa Pudica ]

We often see it side by side and for others it is amusing because when you touch it, it folds. The humble plant can consider as a wild weed because it grows easily in any place regardless of the condition. The roots, leaves and seeds have benefits.

Wound – the humble plant has been long used as an effective treatment for wounds. Because of its anti- inflammatory properties that help the wound to heal quickly and its pain to disappear The humble plant can also be used because it prevents the itching that can make the wound worsen.

Loss Bowel Movement – are you experiencing diarrhea? you should take care of it immediately , because you might be dehydrated, its very dangerous. The humble plant contains Tannin and Flavonoids , reducing muscle contractions and secretions in our intestines. It slows down the flow of what we eat which helps against diarrhea.

Ulcer – peptic ulcers are sores and swelling in the intestines and digestive linings. it is painful and uncomfortable for the patient. The leaves of humble plant contain crocetin which helps reduce acidity and boost the release of protective factors in our digestive system. It is very good for those with ulcers.

Depression – humble plant helps your body release serotonin that regulates a persons mood. If your serotonin levels are normal, there is a good chance that you will lose depression, anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks.

Dysmenorrhea – the pain in the abdomen that usually felt when there is menstrual period . Drinking the water of the boiled leaves of humble plant good to get rid of the pain they feel.

Asthma – humble plant can help by clearing the airway path of any allergens, dust, and inflammation in the lungs. Prepare 15ml of juice extracted from the plant. drink it two times a day for best results.

Diabetes – humble leaves is perfect for those with type two diabetes. It normalizes insulin and blood sugar in the body. The roots and leaves are effective in diabetes.


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