How to Have Beautiful Neck

The skin on the neck is only thin, so there are fewer sebaceous glands. This is what produces oil so that our skin does not wrinkle. And because there are few sebaceous glands, it wrinkle more easily and also has less collagen. When we have skin care, we often only take care of the face, forgetting about the neck, so lets include our neck in our next skin care. How to take care of your neck?

  • Apply moisturizer -to make your skin of your neck becomes beautiful, apply moisturizer to your neck day and night.
  • Apply sunscreen – the effect of the sun causes sunburn which can cause the skin to wrinkle, so if possible use sunscreen with spf30 and above. Apply also sunscreen to your neck if your going to have your outdoor activities. Umbrella and hats can also be used.
  • Coconut oil and Cocoa butter -to prevent your neck gets wrinkle, you may use face mask and coconut oil, and coconut butter to whiten your skin
  • Drink a lot of water – take 8-12 glass of water to prevent your skin gets wrinkle.
  • Fruit and vegetables -eat a lot of fruit and vegetables to make your skin becomes beautiful.


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