Bad Habits that Make You Age Quickly

What are the habits that that make you older fast? There are factors that contribute to rapid aging and increased wrinkles such as genetics, lifestyle, life disposition and age. What are bad habits to avoid?

  • Wrong food – eat right such as vegetables and fruits to detoxify and get enough oxygen in the body.
  • Dirty pillowcases and pillows– not regularly changing pillows and pillowcases causes acne mechanica , a type of acne that occurs due to friction and pressure of the heat.
  • Using a face towel – avoid rubbing the towel on the face as the bacteria in the pimples move more causing it to go deeper into the skin. Do not use the towel if it used on the body, use a soft and clean towel that is only for the face, change it regularly.
  • Frequent use of facial scrubs – frequent use of facial scrub can damage the upper layer of the epidermis, causing redness, cracking, and feeling itchy or hot on the skin.
  • Sun exposure -ninety percent of the reason for rapid aging is exposure to intense sunlight. So make it a habit to apply sunscreen with SPF30 or higher on a daily basis even if its cloudy.
  • Facial expressions – frowning, squinting eyes, scowling ,raising eyebrows and frowning, are the facial movements that cause fine lines and wrinkles to develop.
  • Smoking – because of the nicotine content, smoking accelerates the normal aging process of the skin. These includes dryness, crows feet, lines between the eyes, even skin complexion, grayish skin tone, deep creases, puffiness under the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, and thinning of the lips. Avoid and stop smoking.
  • No exercise – exercise is usually done lazily, with no time, no energy to do it. Exercise is good for the heart, lungs, ad mental outlook, it also a way to have healthy and vibrant skin.

Regardless of your age and lifestyle it is important to pay attention to yourself especially your skin, take care of it.


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