How to Reduce Your Cholesterol?

Eat less total fat, because a high fat diet increase cholesterol. Just cutting back on cholesterol Is not enough, you must cut back on total fat as well.

Buy a cooking oil that is lipids at room temperature such as Canola, Corn, Soy bean, Sun flower and use less of it, exercise more. Exercise increases your protective each deal cholesterol level, lose extra pounds, eat more Soluble fiber which lowers overall cholesterol, quit smoking. Quitting can increase your HDL levels and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Two Types of Treatment

  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Medicines called statins

Total Cholesterol Levels

  • Under 200 mg/dL: Desirable
  • 200 – 239 mg/ dL: Borderline high risk
  • 240 or higher: High- risk

   If your total cholesterol is high measuring the other types of cholesterol maybe useful. Especially before considering the used of medications to lower cholesterol. For most people a low fat diet is all that necessary to lower cholesterol. Because the potential side effects at risk.

Medications to lower cholesterol should only be consider in people at the higher risk of heart Disease. If you were age forty to sixty-five a very high risk for heart disease and you find that low fat diet is not enough to lower your cholesterol then adding cholesterol medication can be helpful. In order to decrease the danger of heart diseases by lowering the cholesterol, the most important thing is to decrease the number of Triglycerides and LDL. Lower density polyethylene means bad cholesterol and increase the amount of HDL. High density polyethylene means good cholesterol.

To lower down the amount of LDL, first of all you need to eliminate those foods from your diet which contains excessive amount of carbohydrates, saturated fats and bad cholesterol. You need to reduce the quantity of meats, eggs, fried items, vegetable oil, flour items, butter, desserts, cigarettes, alcohol, and pack snacks, or eliminate them completely from diet sometimes.

Include fiber rich foods in your diet as many as possible, from grains, multi grain flour, brown rice, barley, can be used. From vegetables and fruits, carrots, beet, spinach, turnip, okra, cauliflower, mango, watermelon, pomegranate, and all types of season fruits and vegetable can be used.

Those who have increase cholesterol levels should used vegetables, fruits, salad, sprouts, soups and juices for breakfast. Should be oil free for breakfast. For the lunch and dinner should be 40-50 percent should be fruits, vegetables and grain and the remaining 50 percent should be normal daily cooked food.

This type of diet is most important to those who don’t workout and after sit long time during work hours. If you follow this diet plan just five to six days then from seventh day you will start feeling an amazing change in you body’s energy. When you improve your diet good cholesterol automatically starts increasing in your body. The cleansing of the blood begins and its affect is visible in your body and skin.

Garlic is also very beneficial for reducing cholesterol. According to research if we use half to 1gram of garlic daily then it will reduce the increase of cholesterol in the body quickly. Garlic can be used raw or roasted in both ways. With all these remedies and some changes in diet, precautions are also necessary for controlling cholesterol.

Try not to dehydrate the body. Drink seven to eight glasses of water daily. Go walk daily in the morning. Morning walk strengthens the nerves, reduces the bad cholesterol and maintain the blood flow in arteries. Don’t eat fried foods and if you eat non vegetable then stop it completely for some time. And if you are addicted in smoking and tobacco, no matter how many home remedies and medicines you’ve try nothing will work.

Lifestyle changes is always important even if you take medicines to lower your risks.

Disclaimer: All the content written here is for informative and educational purposes only which are base on scientific research. Always consult with a health care Professional for any question and advice.


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