Take  a half cup of this before going to bed to sleep like a baby

 Kefir Health Benefits

There’s one natural remedy to make your sleep better. Just take a half cup of this before you Sleep and you will sleep better. I’m talking about Kefir. What is Kefir? Kefir is similar to yogurt but it’s better than yogurt. It has a lot of Microbes. It has between 12 to 50 different strains, where yogurt has only had between 1 to 5. Kefir has 5 times more Microbes than yogurt. Microbes survive in the stomach acid were in yogurt they don’t.

The good thing in Kefir it has not only friendly bacteria but it has friendly yeast also. The Combination between friendly yeast and friendly bacteria is very important in their functions.

Also, with Kefir you will get less problem with Lactose Intolerance because those Microbes in

Kefir eat Lactose milk sugar. Less milk sugar less symptoms, especially gas when you have Kefir than yogurt.

Health  Benefits Of Kefir

You will have less liver fat, less allergies, less constipation.  It improves immune system.

Better blood sugars.  Better blood pressure because of how axis in Ace Inhibitor and less Pathogens. Your Microbes make Serotonin, ninety percent of all Serotonin in your body comes From your Microbes. The more Microbes more Serotonin. Serotonin is a feel-good hormone.

It is a hormone that can affect your mood. It can help reduces stress. Kefir has also good source of Bioavailable Calcium which also can help you to get sleep. The microbes in Kefir also makes certain B vitamins including B1, Thiamine which greatly help stress. The lactobacillus microbes in Kefir helps reduce Cortisol. Its impossible to sleep if your cortisol is high so anything you can do to reduce Cortisol will help you sleep.

Disclaimer: This is for informational and educational purposes only. Always consult health Professionals for advice and questions regarding health conditions.        


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